Technology In Motion

Institutional Knowledge Transfer

Using augmented reality technology, Bowman provided a point and click solution that allows a non-technical, seasoned veteran to accurately inform incoming generations of the location of specific assets throughout the municipality.

Enabling the maintenance crew to take pictures with a smart phone and talk-to-text a few details allows them to track their inspection, maintenance, and replacement progress.

The results in a streamlined communication of the right details required for municipal managers to guide funding and priorities ensuring they are supporting their citizens in providing the best possible public service at a cost that is well below the typical reactive emergency expense that can often emerge from improperly maintained systems.

Successful Site Selection

Bowman recently provided County planners a tool that allowed them to communicate alternative water tower site locations to engaged residents.

Prior to providing the communication tool, many residents were concerned about the visual impact to their property.

After the model was generated, residents had an opportunity to preview what the water tower would look like from their property. The result was support throughout the municipality for the final site location.

Streamlined LiDAR Processing

After Bowman successfully delivered a truss survey using LiDAR, the team exceeded the client’s expectations by identifying the beam manufacturing specifications allowing them to bypass a time intensive, design milestone. Additionally, to further provide a streamlined delivery mechanism, a single click solution was provided that allows the client to review, communicate, and share the finished product over the internet.

Click on image to interact with model.


Click on image to interact with model.

1-click Point Cloud Delivery

With one click, Bowman's clients can review a scanned site from anywhere in the world with a web browser. Historically, LiDAR scans posed a technical hurdle of file sizes that could not be easily transferred. If you are currently facing this challenge, let us know .. we can help support your success.

Remotely Meet Your Clients On-site

Virtual Reality meeting spaces allow you to remotely connect with your stakeholders to discuss the on-going impacts of design and / or construction. Using any smart device, we can support your success in providing clearly communicated, complex concepts to a non-technical audience located anywhere within range of an internet connection.