Mining & Exploration

Mining is an industry that relies on a variety of engineering disciplines. From mining, geologic, civil, geotechnical, mechanical, chemical and environmental engineering, our in-house capabilities and deep bench of resources allows Bowman to provide total site and infrastructure solutions, from initial site exploration through reclamation.

In every aspect of a mining project’s lifecycle, Bowman is committed to delivering “fit for purpose” solutions with a sense of urgency and a strong commitment to client service and quality. Our clients additionally benefit from our ability to navigate the regulatory process and meet tight schedules, while maintaining a culture high in regard for health and safety standards throughout all phases of project execution. By consistently delivering high-quality, innovative, cost-effective and efficient management of mine site and design challenges, Bowman delivers successful projects time and again.



Fit for Purpose Solutions, Combined with a Sense of Urgency and Strong Commitment to Health, Safety and Quality Service. 

Bowman has a well networked and highly collaborative team of engineering, land survey and geoscience professionals that provide exceptional mining services including:

Mine Water Resources Management
• Hydrogeologic and Hydrologic Field Investigations
• Surface Water Modeling
• Hydrogeologic Modeling
• Mine Water Supply
• Mine Water Treatment
• Storm Water Management

Environmental Baseline Studies
• Soil
• Vegetations
• Ornithological
• Small Mammals
• Surface Hydrology
• Hydrogeology

Aquatic Habitat Assessments
• Aquatic Vegetation
• Wetlands
• Stream Delineations / Classifications
• Macroinvertebrate
• Riparian

Permitting & Compliance
• Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
• Environment Impact Studies

Reclamation & Remediation
• Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI / FS)
• Remedial and Reclamation Plans and Designs
• Construction Management
• Construction Quality Assurance

Geologic Consulting
• Geotechnical Investigation
• Geologic Investigation
• Geologic Modeling
• Core Logging
• Petrographic Analysis
• Bedrock Profiling

Mine Planning
• Exploration
• Geochemical Block Modeling
• Resource and Reserve Reporting
• Mine Planning
• Pit Optimization
• Fleet Optimization

Mineral Process Plant Design
• Crushers
• SX / EW
• Ore Conveyance
• Acid Plants
• Piping & Pumping Systems

Mine Facility Design
• Rock Stockpiles
• ROM Leach Stockpiles
• Engineered Heaps
• Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)
• Lined Impoundments

Mine Infrastructure Design
• Operational Infrastructure
• Roads
• Utility Corridors
• Martial Transportation Corridors
• Facility Site Designs
• Offices
• Warehouses
• Equipment Turnarounds
• Septic Systems
• Fuel Docks
• Substations
• Parking

Capital Project Controls
• Project Schedules
• Project WBS
• Forecasts and Accruals
• Variance Analysis
• Change Management
• Project Cost Reports

• Terrestrial and Aerial LiDAR
• 3D Scanning
• UAV Mapping
• Topographic Maps
• Construction Staking
• Bathymetric Surveys

Construction Quality Assurance

Construction Management


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