Renewable Energy

The global solar market continues to show positive signs of growth. Investors are becoming increasingly comfortable with solar assets and landowners are acquiring projects earlier in the development cycle in the hopes of capturing a greater profit margin. Subsequently, as the energy market accelerates, major players in the wind, and oil and gas markets are also adapting to the changing energy landscape.

With more than 1,700 professionals and growing, Bowman has become a trusted partner providing complete site and infrastructure solutions to meet your project needs. From initial conceptualization to final commissioning, Bowman professionals have provided the industry with a number of engineering, permitting, and project management solutions. While our reach is national, our highly experienced professionals are local, providing you with focused regional expertise.



Bowman’s project experience reflects a broad range of services. Our various departments work in concert to provide the unique ability to meet virtually all of your project needs in-house. We focus on careful planning and detailed follow-through at every phase of your project.

Site Selection

  • Select Strategically Located Properties with the Right Economic Fundamentals
  • Access to the Grid and Passes Environmental Criteria

Land Acquisition & Constraints Mapping

  • Perform a Land Title Review and Constraints Mapping of Title and Environmental Features Landowner Outreach and Option Agreements Secured

Due Diligence & Site Civil Design

  • ALTA and Topographic Survey
  • Finalize Gen-tie Lines/Interconnection
  • Environmental Surveys and Mitigation Measures
  • Site Layout, Civil and Structural Design
  • Identify Applicable Codes, Equipment Listings, Permits, and Required Studies


  • Liaison with Federal, State and Local Authorities to Obtain Permits and Licenses and to Observe Regulatory Guidelines
  • Identify Cost-Effective Alternate Environmental Mitigation Measures


  • Site Inspections, Field Reports, Environmental Compliance Monitoring, Design Modifications, and Construction Certifications Needed for Substantial Completion and Guaranteed Commercial Operation Date (GCOD)

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

  • Post-Construction Inspections
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Wildlife Impact
  • Reduction Strategies
  • SWPPP Compliance
  • UAV Inspections


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