Mission Critical

With the continued rise of Big Data analytics, a robust growth rate in the service industry, and increasing disaster recovery demands, the urgency to construct facilities to store and process this vast volume of data continues to grow. In the United States alone, data center construction is expected to reach $30 billion by 2024.

As a trusted advisor, Bowman understands that speed to market, proficiency, and reliability are crucial components when it comes to the construction of these highly specialized infrastructures. From site selection to construction, our full-service team of experts provides mission critical clients with the highest level of confidentiality, demonstrated engineering, permitting and project management solutions, and delivers proven results to meet expedited schedules, mitigate potential impacts, and successfully meet the needs of this highly competitive market. With more than 700 professionals fueling its success, Bowman has created a culture of developing outstanding client relationships and a focused growth strategy that solidifies the foundation of the firm’s future growth in the marketplace.


Bowman is very sensitive about our clients’ confidential information and takes the following precautions:

  • All project plans being stored on a protected network only accessible by approved staff.
  • All hard copy materials will be shredded with large plans being shredded by a third party company.
  • No critical information will be emailed. It will only be uploaded to approved clients via a secure cloud site.
  • Bowman will request a special review team experienced in mission critical projects at the City/County.
  • Bowman will always request expedited processing from review agencies and submit early grading permits to allow construction to begin as early as possible while the City/County is completing paperwork.
  • When requested, secured information such as fiber line locations and power duct banks, will be produced on non-printable CAD layers. This information will not be visible on permit drawings. It will ONLY be visible in CAD and by the design team.
  • During site layout, Bowman will take extreme care to protect the building and its staff with respect to safety, visibility, and accessibility.


Added Services

Bowman’s water team can support the planning process of data centers to find optimal and sustainable supply solutions and reduce the water demands associated with water-cooled chillers. We also have deep experience with municipal water supply agencies which enables an open communication process to drive optimized and collaborative solutions.

Water Supply Planning

Our water team can support the establishment of water demand forecasts and coordinate with municipal agencies to find optimal ways to meet the water demands while minimizing the capital outlay. We utilize in-house computerized hydraulic modeling tools to vet multiple water supply solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Water Equalization & Storage

Solutions may include the evaluation of the potential effectiveness for providing on-site water storage for equalization of peak demands or for fire suppression systems. Our team can offer comprehensive design services for the associated infrastructure.

Water Conservation Technology & Strategy

We can develop water treatment technologies associated with the chiller design that greatly reduce water demands and mitigate the risk for biological contamination which reduces both cost and risk of operation.

Water Reuse

We develop advanced water treatment solutions that can be used to reclaim wastewater or utilize other alternative water supplies as a source for chiller systems. This results in a more sustainable solution for water supply.


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