Ports & Harbors

Ports and harbors are critical national infrastructure that serves a vital role in our modern way of living. Bowman engineers specialize in waterfront facilities, with a primary emphasis on port facilities, and have extensive experience providing comprehensive engineering services to public and private clients throughout North America. 

Our waterfront facilities experience ranges from industrial ports and harbors to urban waterfront development. Industrial port experience includes facilities handling liquid and solid bulk, break bulk and containerized commodities. Urban waterfront experience includes residential and commercial waterfront development, ferry terminals, recreational docks including floating docks, marinas and fishing piers. Additionally, Bowman also services heavy industrial facilities including cooling towers, warehouses, storage tanks and mechanical systems including pumps, piping and blending systems.


Surveying & Mapping
• Canal Channel Surveying
• Diving Hazard Surveys
• Geophysical Modeling & Mapping
• Hydrographic Mapping & Surveying
• Multibeam Bathymetric Scanning &Surveying
• Remote Sensing
• Seawall Inspection Analysis
• Side Scan Sonar
• Topographic & Bathymetric Surveys

Inspection, Investigation & Evaluation
• Damage Investigation
• Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimation
• Geologic Investigations
• Geophysical Studies
• Underwater Inspections and Evaluation

Environmental Engineering
• Waterfront Construction Permitting
• Mechanical Dredging Feasibility Studies
• Hydraulic & Mechanical Dredging
• Sampling
• Regulatory Compliance Engineering
• Bulkheads and Shoreline Stabilization Design Including Revetment Design
• CADD Drafting
• Deep and Shallow Foundations Analysis, Design and Testing
• Design of New and Rehabilitation of Existing Industrial Facilities
• Design of New and Rehabilitation of Existing Ports and Waterfront Facilities
• Fender System Design
• Marinas and Floating Dock Design
• Marine Loading Arm and Hose Tower Design

• Mechanical Engineering
• Mooring Bollard Design, Rating and Testing
• Pipe Rack Design
• Pump and Piping Design Including Hydraulic Analysis
• Static and Dynamic Mooring Analysis
• Stationary and Mobile Equipment Foundation Design
• Structural Analysis and Load Rating of Waterfront Structures
• Structural Inspection and Evaluation of Industrial Structures

Construction Management
• Waterfront Construction Inspection and Management

Claims and Litigation Technical


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