Commissioning & Energy Efficiency

The commissioning process ensures that a building operates as intended and can reduce contractor call-backs after turnover, avoids occupant complaints on air quality and thermal comfort, and can reduce operating costs by 5%-20%. With decades of experience, Bowman’s Commissioning Agents (CxA) have in-depth knowledge and understanding of modern-day building envelopes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, how they operate, and how they are maintained. This expertise allows us to provide a tailored program to ensure optimal functionality for our clients and their tenants.

Commissioning plans are developed upfront and act as a roadmap throughout the design and building process. This document is dynamic and designed to be modified to best fit the project schedule and inevitable scope changes. Our agents schedule site visits to check construction progress, design conformance and perform component and integration systems testing to ensure construction meets the design intent. Bowman also provides peer review during the design process to ensure compliance with owner requirements and incorporation of the most effective and efficient design methods for constructability and maintainability of the systems.



  • Assist with Development and Review of Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design Documents
  • Design Review of Construction Documents
  • Develop Project Specific Commissioning Specifications and Commissioning Plans
  • Commissioning Review of Submittals and Shop Drawings
  • Construction Site Observations
  • Develop Project Specific Systems Readiness Checklists and Functional Performance Test plans
  • Direct and Facilitate Systems Functional Performance Testing
  • Final Commissioning Report
  • Deferred/Seasonal Functional Testing
  • LEED Fundamental and Enhanced
  • Method of Procedure Cutovers
  • HVAC System Commissioning
  • Post Occupancy Review



Over time the intended use and operation of an existing building can change significantly. The Retro-Commissioning process assures building owners that systems are optimized to meet current operational needs and can reduce utility and operating costs – saving an average of 15% on overall energy costs. The process often involves simply adjusting the operating sequences, completing preventative maintenance requirements, addressing minor repairs, or remedial design and testing to achieve optimal performance that results in a quick payback.

Building Envelope

Building performance starts with a properly designed, installed and functioning building envelope. Controlling air and water leakage protects the envelope assemblies from costly damage/deterioration, improves air quality, reduces the load on mechanical systems and reduces energy costs. Bowman offers complete review, analysis and testing of new and existing building envelopes, allowing early detection and identifying performance issues. Systems benefiting from testing include windows, skylights, sloped glazing, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, wall systems and roofing.


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