Alice West Fleet Elementary School

Arlington County, VA

The project involves the construction of a new elementary school on the existing Thomas Jefferson Middle School campus. In an effort to maintain critical open space, a new two-level below-grade parking structure with access from a new bus driveway is proposed below the footprint of the new school building. Bowman provided a full scope of civil engineering services, including public involvement, preparation and approval of a Use Permit Site Plan, extensive County coordination and permitting, early release LDA permits for sheeting/shoring and geothermal well drilling, Phase 1 ESA, stormwater management and BMP Analysis/Outfall Analysis, storm drainage design, roadway and intersection design, phasing plans, surveying, arborist services, tree inventory and tree protection plans, utility coordination, environmental permitting, traffic control plans, street lighting plans, pedestrian improvement design, and construction administration. A significant aspect of Bowman’s services included the facilitation of the Use Permit approval, as well as the delivery of the land disturbance permit within 2 months of the County Board approval. This successful permit delivery allowed the contractor to commence garage construction 2-1/2 months after County Board approval to allow for delivery of the school building as planned for the beginning of the 2019 school year.