At Bowman, we realize that our high level of success is directly tied to the skilled and dedicated people we hire, and the opportunities we provide them, through our commitment to their career growth.

Linchpin Program 

This group program explores concepts of R-Directed thinking.  Through personality assessments, readings, individual and group assignments, videos, and other tools, participants develop greater self- awareness and deeper relationships with colleagues, clients, and others.  Participants come from offices across the country, from all disciplines and all position levels.  Application and interview process required.  The program is offered on an annual basis and qualifies for up to 16 PDH (depending on the state). 

Managing Your Career Program 

A structured group program to explore an individual’s values, strengths and critical skills. After completing readings, personality assessments, individual assignments, and other exercises, an individual will learn how to better self-manage their career options and next steps at Bowman. At the end of the program, each participant will prepare a career development plan to discuss with their manager.  The program offered on an annual basis.  

Leadership Coaching Program 

The Leadership Coaching Program is tailored for individuals who are in key leadership roles. Through a customized approach, an individual receives one-on-one leadership coaching to support self-awareness and self-learning. The program includes confidential coaching sessions, personality assessments, a 360 feedback report, and work shadowing. The program is available to start at any time as requested by the leader. 

Essentials of Being a Bowman Manager 

A blended learning program of assigned e-courses and instructor-led group sessions over a period of several months. The objective is to provide individuals new to management and/or managers with limited formal training with a foundation for effective project and people management.  

Knowledge Exchange Series “KES” 

A series of “ZOOM” 30-60 minute regular webinars. Topics include technical, business, health and personal development content. These webinars are open to all employees and are facilitated by subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the company as well as outside vendors.  

The Mentor Program 

A formal relationship is formed between an individual (mentor) who has perceived knowledge, experience and/or value in areas desired by another individual (protégé). This two-way mutually beneficial learning situation is focused on conversations focused around sharing knowledge, skills and experiences, and teaching through a self-discovery approach. The program is open to any individual at any time. 

Employee Connection Program 

To create more human connectivity between offices across the organization, selected employees “swap” offices during a workweek. The intent is to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the workings of other offices, to build new and existing relationships, to learn different ways of doing things that might benefit individuals or an office, to improve understanding of projects, skills and service offerings across the company, and to create new opportunities for sharing resources, mind sharing and selling work. At the completion of the program, each individual delivers a presentation to staff in their home office on their experience and an idea that they learned that could be implemented to improve their office. This program is offered on a rotating basis to offices across the organization.  

Team Enhancement Program 

The Team Enhancement Program is designed for work teams in the organization. No matter where you work in the company, no matter what you do, you are part of a team. Teams are lead through an exploration process of self and team awareness. This program is best suited for teams with a minimum of 4 team members and can be initiated by a manager of a team (or office). This program is often combined with the “collaboration” process by which team members are surveyed about their work environment. At a structured meeting, the survey results are reviewed with the group to identify action items to advance the success of the team. 

Professional Registration 

All regular full-time employees who have completed six (6) months of service and are in good performance standing who wish to seek professional registration/certification in their respective disciplines are eligible to participate in this program.  

Bowman will provide a one-time bonus award to those employees who successfully pass an initial professional state registration as a Professional Engineer, Licensed Surveyor and/or Landscape Architect. Other types of certifications are not normally covered by this award and are subject to review of management on an exception basis.  

Survey Apprenticeship Program 

The Survey Apprenticeship Program is a 5-year program consisting of classroom-related instruction and on-the-job training (OJT). Apprenticeship related instruction classes are designed to complement OJT provided by employers participating in the Virginia State Registered Apprenticeship Program. Apprentices successfully completing the training program receive a State Apprenticeship Certificate.