Brazos County Lease Units

Brazos County, TX

Our team completed the boundary survey of over 2,988 acres of land in Brazos County for the purpose of creating five new units for an upstream oil and gas company. We began this project by obtaining the research for all of the properties affected by the proposed units. This involved having the registered professional land surveyors (RPLSs) coordinate with landmen, title researchers, railroad companies, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and the Brazos County clerk’s office. CAD technicians provided deed sketches and search ties for the field crews prior to accessing the sites. Field crews located evidence such as property corners, right-of-way monuments, rivers, fences, and roads to be analyzed by the RPLS.

Boundaries were unique in this area as they adjoined state highways, the Little Brazos River, and railroad right-of-way. The RPLS determined boundary lines and right-of-way lines and created a property map for the project. Once the property map was complete, CAD technicians created the exhibits for the overall boundaries of the units and interior properties, and the RPLS wrote the legal descriptions for the unit boundaries. After all exhibits and legal descriptions were completed, a QA/QC was performed to ensure that there were no errors in the surveys. Our team also created the permit plats and back-build plats for drilling, proposed pad site exhibits, and as-drilled plats for the location of the horizontal drilling after it was completed.

Deliverables included exhibits and legal descriptions of all documents, signed, and sealed by a RPLS.