Confidential Filter Infrastructure

Southeast, AZ

This project is an expansion in the Hydromet area to allow the SX/EW facilities to handle increased throughput. As part of the project, the owner ordered the filter press, platform, tanks and pumps that are associated with this system. Bowman’s scope was to provide the concrete slabs, foundations, and anchor designs required to support this new infrastructure. This work included the structural design and drawings needed for the construction, as well as identifying civil components such as tops of concrete on footings, and slabs, ensuring drainage to the existing drain sump and the addition of a containment curb to improve capture of spills to the north and east sides of the sump drain. In addition to construction drawings, Bowman created a Construction Scope of Work (CSW) complete with Material Take Offs (MTO’s) to be used as a construction document supporting the bidding of the overall construction of the Filter Press Project. This CSW also incorporates the construction documents associated with the mechanical, and electrical disciplines related to the project.