Confidential Gas Mapping

Various Locations, OH

This large-scale mapping project encompasses data collection and mapping of nearly 5,000 miles of gas lines during a three-year contract period. This is a natural gas mapping project that utilizes 30 field technicians and 4 GIS technicians. Bowman is collecting data for underground gas service and main lines, as well as above-ground gas features. Our GIS team is responsible for checking tolerances and attributes from Trimble JXL files and then making the necessary deletions or modifications, and also converts this data into a variety of file types such as SHP, KMZ, and CSV with the use of FME (Feature Manipulation Engine). This spatial data is then analyzed in conjunction with client records to ensure the correct collection of data. Our client expects monthly reporting of data, averaging around 600,000 feet of data collection spanning across 3 to 4 work areas per month. Along with our deliverables, we are contracted and paid by footage of data collection which is calculated using an FME process developed by our GIS team.