Durry Inn & Suite

Louisville, KY

A five-story hotel is located 13 miles from downtown Louisville close to local shopping and businesses. Louisville office provided the surveying and site/civil engineering plans for a development that included a 5-story hotel, meeting facility and parking areas. This site was previously developed with multiple buildings and pavement. The buildings had been demolished, with existing gravel and asphalt pavements remaining on site. The stormwater detention analysis identified existing flow leaving the site and was used to design a proposed system that would restrict the proposed stormwater discharge rates to pre-construction discharge rates.

The flow from the developed site was designed to be collected into a stormwater collection system of inlet structures and pipes, and conveyed to an underground detention system, equipped with a pre-treatment structure. Hydraflow Hydrographs software was used to develop the hydrographs and pond routing data. Routed peak flows for the 2 yr, 10 yr & 100 yr storm events were limited to pre-developed rates. The installation of the underground detention system limited the post-development discharge rates to the pre-developed limits.