Perth Amboy Dock Renewal & Rehabilitation

Perth Amboy, NJ

Kinder Morgan Terminal dock at Perth Amboy, NJ is approximately a 1000 LF long wharf. It consists of two berths (Berth A & B). Berth A consists of approximately a 220 x 30 ft timber low deck structure loading platform, two steel pile supported concrete breasting dolphins and two steel pile supported concrete mooring dolphins. A 200 x 20 ft wide timber low deck structure accessway connects the wharf to land. The accessway also supports a pipe rack. Both timber low deck structures at Berth A were in serious condition. No historical drawings were available showing the construction details of dock. Our team performed a thorough underwater inspection of Berths A and B to document the construction and evaluate the current condition of all existing dock structures and design the complete removal and renewal or rehabilitation of Dock A structures in a phased manner.

The scope of work included developing several alternates for the replacement and rehabilitation of dock structures, including the estimated construction costs for the client to review and select the most suitable alternate. Geotechnical investigation, permitting, performing the final design of the selected option, and providing construction inspection services were also in the scope of work. Static and dynamic mooring analysis were also performed to determine the mooring and breasting loads due to passing vessels. We were able to design removal and renewal of the dock, including the loading platform, while the dock operations and servicing of vessels continued. Our team also provided design and construction monitoring services for marine pile installation and testing, concrete work, structural steel, a new fender system and mooring bollards.