Summers Corner

Dorchester County, CO

This 400-lot community sits on 80,000 acres between the Edisto and Ashley Rivers and includes protected forests, fields, marshes and lakes. Bowman provided engineering and surveying services for this 400-lot community including construction plans, plats, field services, GIS-based exhibits and builder contract exhibits and services.

Summers Drive Trail in Dorchester County

Work included survey, design and permitting of an approximately 3,000 linear foot trail on the East side of Summers Drive from Victoria Pointe Lane to Buffalo Lake in Summerville, SC. This trail is part of the overall trail network associated with the Summers Corner development. The trail is made up of concrete, asphalt and wood boardwalk sections. Stormwater management was provided for portions of the asphalt trail adjacent to existing wetlands.

 Clay Field Trail

Responsible for the design and permitting of the infrastructure associated with the construction of a road connection between Summers Drive and HWY 165 (Delmar HWY). This road is intended to provide access to future land bay development in Summers Corner. Road design includes both open and closed road sections and provides stormwater management for the increased impervious area. The proposed road design accommodates the installation of water, electric and gas utility infrastructure. Two bridges were necessary to cross-jurisdictional waters and a trail is proposed along the entire length of the road project.