University of New Mexico Hospital

Albuquerqe, NM

Our team was hired by UNMH to determine existing conditions within the proposed project limits. UAV-based imagery was generated for the immediate site and surrounding area comprised of approximately 143 acres of UNM North Campus. Topographic and utility improvements within the immediate project area (51 acres) were designated and surveyed utilizing GPS and Robotic surveying methods.

Existing utility conditions will play a major role in the planning, design and location of the UNMH Modern Medical Facility, parking structure, as well as utility improvements that would accompany these facilities. We worked closely with the owner, design team and various stakeholders to establish the locations of both private and publicly-owned utilities within the UNMH Campus, University property to the west of the hospital, and along public arterials south and west of the site. Accounting for, and precisely mapping the locations of underground utilities will not only provide a better understanding of utility conditions for design phases, it will ensure utility infrastructure that is vital to the operation of the existing hospital is not inadvertently damaged during upcoming construction.

Serving as an on-call consultant for the University of New Mexico and UNMH over the course of the last thirty years facilitated an opportunity for our team to apply firsthand historic knowledge and unparalleled experience to this project. This knowledge combined with our technical approach served to provide a comprehensive and interactive snapshot of current site conditions including utility infrastructure, utility tunnel and twin box culvert surveying. We will continue its role on the project on an as-needed basis serving the design team and UNMH.