Westmont at Carmel Valley

San Diego, CA

Our team of landscape architects planned and designed the landscape for the 139 unit senior housing project including ten casita homes. The ten acre site, located in the Carmel Valley community of San Diego, is repurposing the existing equestrian center to become a residential care facility. The resort-like facility provides residents with health and wellness activities and supportive nursing care.

With the project’s operations in mind, we designed the site to be memorable, stimulate and encourage the resident’s activities, and fit into the existing neighborhood. The landscape incorporated screening to buffer the adjacent single family neighbors, provided meandering trails to connect the residents, create a campus setting and encourage social interaction amongst the residents. The landscape plan’s goal was to provide a sustainable setting that incorporated drought tolerant plant materials and low water use irrigation systems. Tree-lined trails were designed to provide for shady walks while integrating the new community into the existing suburban fabric. The landscape plan enhanced the building entrances with textured paving, colorful plantings, and seating areas. Three courtyards and patios were themed with seat walls, special paving, unique plantings, water features, and deep seating areas. The project creates a residential care facility that blends in with the existing residential neighborhood and the adjacent hillsides and canyons.