Cadiz to Hopedale Pipeline

Harrison County, OH

This project was to install 12 miles of 12″ NGL pipeline and 6″ Fuel Gas pipeline from the Cadiz Plant to the Hopedale Fractionator Plant. Approximately 3.4 miles of this route shared right-of-way with the Majorsville to Hopedale 12″ NGL pipeline that was under construction. Challenges to this project included designing both horizontal drilling areas and bores to account for environmental features, railroads, and road crossings. These challenges were amplified due to several route adjustments caused by landowner stipulations, mining activities, and sensitive environmental features. These issues were resolved by maintaining clear communication and efficient coordination with the client’s land, permitting, engineering, and construction management teams. This project also encountered additional challenges caused by an unexpected change in the deadline due to the Hopedale Fractionator construction being ahead of schedule by more than three months. In turn, this design was expedited to allow the pipeline to be constructed and in service prior to the completion of the plant production equipment.