Champlain Lock Structures

New York

Our team provided combined multibeam bathymetric and laser scanning services to simultaneously collect high density survey data above and below water line, in support of the Canal Corporation’s structural inspection program. The single, dedicated survey vessel utilizing the latest in acoustical and laser scanning hardware coupled with the most accurate positioning available was deployed to capture high definition data of multiple lock structures throughout the canal network.

On board the vessel, the data streaming in is collected, put through a rigorous QA/QC process, displayed, and stored in real time with the latest acquisition software. The 3D point-cloud data-sets generated are geo-spatially referenced and serve as 3D models of the structures that operators and engineers can view, manipulate and inspect immediately after collection. Further analysis of data was used to determine severity and location of damage to concrete lock walls, floors, culverts and other structures. Deliverables will act as preliminary inspection supplements to aid the underwater diver-inspection program in focusing on problem areas in the extremely low visibility environments.