Charles City County Annual Services Contract

Charles City County, VA

Bowman was selected by Charles City County to perform utility engineering services for various water and wastewater systems including Mount Zion/Rustic Water Supply and Treatment System, Hideaway Wastewater Treatment System, Kimages Wastewater Treatment System, Government Center Water System, Government Center Wastewater Treatment Plant, Waterworks Business Operation Plan (WBOP), Ruthville Wastewater Treatment System, Roxbury Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment System, and Mount Zion/Rustic Area Vacuum Collection System.

Bowman is responsible for the services associated with attending various meetings with County staff and Supervisors, as required, meeting with regulatory officials and representatives from the funding agencies in pursuit of financing for multiple projects, and attending public meetings as required. Bowman also provides other miscellaneous engineering services, as required and as requested by the County.