Clifton Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant

Clifton, AZ

Bowman worked with the Town to develop a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) which included several options for the replacement of the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant. The proposed wastewater treatment plant design improvements includes a 200,000-Gallon Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) system, rehabilitation of the existing influent pump station, and replacement of the sewerage piping within the project site. The MBBR was selected since it can intensify the treatment of the existing treatment tanks being reused. From the treatment plant, effluent will be moved from the existing plastic lined effluent pond, where it will discharge to the Morenci WWTP. The treatment plant will continue to be a zero discharge plant.

The design also included completion of an Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Aquifer Protection Program Individual Permit application. The permit application required coordination with the Town of Clifton, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, as well as other agencies. Additionally, the design phase included funding assistance with UDSA, topographic surveying, civil site plan, final design and bidding.