Dorset Street Dermatology

Alburgh, VT

Our team completed work for Mitchwartz Properties, including demolishing two existing single-family ranch-style homes and constructing a 2-story building with medical office space on the first floor and 6 one-bedroom units on the second floor. This redevelopment project was unique and one of the first projects completed under the City of South Burlington’s Form Based Code. We assisted the client in navigating the administrative permitting process as well as hosting the public meeting and leading the discussion with members of the public and concerned neighbors. The mixed use building adjacent to single family homes on a small site presented challenges with screening and landscaping. Our team worked with the client and general contractor to salvage existing plantings where possible and fit in new landscaping in creative ways to meet the plantings required by zoning. Design and construction of utilities was complex on this project due to the large network of utilities within the project vicinity as well as an electrical bank directly adjacent to the proposed building. We worked with local utility companies, public works and the general contractor to ensure a cost-effective, safe solution.