Eagle Point Dock No. 2 Modifications


This dock consists of four fender clusters, three cells, three mooring clusters and one loading platform. During a routine underwater inspection, large holes with loss of fill were observed in the cell structures constituting the breasting structures and piles supporting the loading platform at this dock.

Our team was retained to perform a repair design underwater inspection, develop feasible options for rehabilitation, secure environmental permits, perform final design and detailing, perform construction inspection and management. Static and dynamic mooring analysis were also performed to determine the mooring and breasting loads due to passing vessels for the design.

Partial height encasement of cell No. 6 and 7, strengthening of cell 8 using new pipe piles, strengthening of loading platform using new pipe piles and new fender system at cells 6, 7, 8 and loading platforms were designed by our marine engineers. The fender system of structure FC-9 was extended to match the new fender line. The project is currently under construction and our team is providing construction management services for Phase II of this project.