Loxahatchee River District Force Main Replacement

Palm Beach County, FL

Bowman provided Subsurface Utility Engineering services for Olympus Drive force main replacement design in Juno Beach within US Highway 1 and Ocean Drive, along Olympus Drive and Celestial Way. Utility investigation (ASCE Quality Level B) identified the horizontal location of existing utilities within the project area which included electromagnetic designating of traceable subsurface utility facilities from surface accessible features, and Ground Penetrating Radar sweep for non-traceable facilities. Deliverables included a field sketch or CAD file of designated facilities, field notes, photos and marked plans. Bowman also provided 21 field investigations (ASCE Quality Level A) at proposed force main conflicts as specified by the authorized representative. Deliverables included a test hole datasheets, digital pictures, approximate station or locations, offsets, type, size, material, direction, and depth of utility.