Middlesex Regional Water System

Deltaville, VA

Bowman is assisting the Middlesex Water Authority with developing a regional water system in lower Middlesex County. Due to poor groundwater quality in the individual shallow wells throughout the eastern portion of the County, the MWA has sought to develop a regional water system to serve the entire eastern section of the County. This effort began with Bowman being hired to identify and evaluate deep well sources for the supply of high quality water and to develop a storage and distribution system to serve this area of the County.

Bowman has completed this evaluation, developed and obtained approval of the Preliminary Engineering Report and has begun design. Design will follow the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) specifications. The project as scoped involves the installation of approximately 42 miles of water distribution piping sized from 12″ down to 2″. It involves the design of storage tanks and booster pumping systems to support domestic and fire protection demands. Our PER included a number of hydraulic model runs to support the design of this distribution system. Also, through an evaluation of operating costs and financing costs, Bowman developed a user rate schedule including connection fees and monthly rates to provide sustainable revenues to support the operation of the infrastructure. The project is currently under design.