Running Brook Road Improvement Project

Somerset County, NJ

As prime consultant, we led a team providing survey, design, bidding support, construction management and inspection of the entire 1-mile length of Running Brook Road. The resurfacing of the entire lengths of two adjacent side streets, Heath Drive and Compton Way, an additional 0.3 miles, were added to the project scope during the design phase. Our design services included horizontal and vertical roadway design, the design of grading improvements and drainage modifications and the design of curb ramp upgrades.

Our team expedited the project schedule, accommodating substantial completion of construction within five (5) months of receiving the award for engineering services. We provided oversight throughout the project delivery process, including design, bidding and construction phases, including construction management and construction phase engineering services. Our services also included support of the Township and contractor to address unforeseen field conditions during construction, such as perched water tables and rock outcrops that conflicted with drainage improvements.