Swarthmore Roundy

Swarthmore, PA

Engaged by Swarthmore College to resolve a complicated and dangerous intersection on Chester Road (SR 0320) in connection with their Swarthmore Town Center West development concept, opposite Rutgers Avenue and Swarthmore Borough’s central business district.

The existing intersection was a unique five-leg, unsignalized expanse which was dangerous and confusing for drivers. The intersection was prohibited by the pedestrian crossing at a 140-foot width. This essentially divided the campus from the businesses in the downtown area. As part of the project, the team designed and oversaw the construction of a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of Chester Road with Rutgers Avenue, Station Square East and West, and relocated Fieldhouse Lane, which now serves as access to the College’s south campus, and provides a key multimodal connection between campus and Swarthmore Borough’s commercial business district and town center.

The Chester Road project required the incorporation of a “Complete Streets” transportation solution, extensive community outreach with Swarthmore College and Swarthmore Borough, and included unique designs, permitting and construction challenges that were overcome during the many phases of the project.