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Bowman Selected to Provide Orthoimagery Services for the State of Oregon

June 24, 2024

Bowman has been contracted by the State of Oregon (“State”) to deliver 30 cm (one foot) high-resolution natural color and false color infrared orthorectified digital imagery for the entire state.

Bowman will leverage the capabilities of its recent Surdex acquisition to acquire digital imagery of approximately 98,400 square miles of Oregon. The deliverables will enhance the capabilities of multiple agencies and local governments throughout the state in disaster planning, climate change adaptability, emergency response, land use planning and public utilities management.

“This win is the direct result of our recent Surdex acquisition and reflects the synergies that the expanded capabilities of our now combined companies offer,” said Gary Bowman, chairman and chief executive officer at Bowman. “We are appreciative of this award and look forward to supporting the State of Oregon in this initiative. We are confident that Bowman’s extensive geospatial expertise and advanced high-altitude digital orthoimagery technologies will benefit agencies and governments not just across Oregon but in many other states as well.”

The $1.65M contract is Bowman’s first opportunity with the State of Oregon, marking a significant milestone in the Company’s expansion into the Pacific Northwest.