Pike and Rose Block 3

Rockville, MD

Bowman was responsible for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the new 253,000 sq. ft., 10-story core and shell office building and seven-story parking garage located on Block 3 of the Pike and Rose development in Rockville, Maryland. The building includes 7,000 sq. ft. of shell retail space, a fitness center and conference center. The project achieved LEED Core and Shell Gold certification.
The mechanical system includes a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) with high efficiency outside air units with heat recovery, high temperature and efficient series configured chilled water system, as well as fan powered induction units to serve common areas and future tenant spaces. The main lobby, fitness center and conference were served by independent water-cooled air handling systems. It is anticipated that the system will outperform the ASHRAE energy baseline by approximately 20%. The parking structure is an open structure with minimal ventilation requirements. LED lighting with a photovoltaic system is used to the light the garage.