Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Pensacola International Airport

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola International Airport is a public-use airport three nautical miles northeast of the central business district of Pensacola, Florida. Owned by the City of Pensacola, the airport served 1.6M passengers annually.

The City of Pensacola constructed a new aircraft maintenance hangar of approximately 160,000 sq. ft. and consists of two non-separated hangar bays and associated support spaces. The hangar accommodates two wide-body, unfueled aircraft.

As part of the design team, our fire protection engineers provided fire protection system design services and life safety analysis. Early in the design, foam fire protection was identified as a requirement due to the size of the hangar bay and fueled aircraft. Our team worked with the tenant to identify whether the aircraft could be defueled in accordance with NFPA 409, thereby eliminating the requirement for foam fire suppression and reducing overall project cost.