Albemarle County Economic Development Site Evaluation

Albemarle County, VA

Bowman provided professional engineering services to evaluate the site readiness and economic development suitability of nine properties located within the County-designated growth area. The County identified these properties for Bowman to evaluate based on their potential for economic development and the value that Bowman can create through the quantification of site development needs such as entitlements, permits, soils, environmental features, surveys and available infrastructure. Bowman conducted interviews with County staff, utility owners, VDOT, landowners, and other stakeholders in order to first establish a basis of available information, studies, and perceived development issues. Bowman then researched the properties further to collect known and available record information pertaining to a variety of data and factors on each property. GIS and other mapping sources were utilized in order to develop existing conditions exhibits for the properties. Bowman assessed the collected data and summarized the results for each property. A Site Readiness Evaluation Matrix was created in order to quantify site readiness topics. Each topic was ranked based on data completeness and recommended action items were provided along with estimated schedules and cost ranges. Bowman conducted the research and assessments from an end-user perspective in order to provide the context required to facilitate site selection decision. Our understanding of the data and what it means, and the scrutiny we provided, helps the County promote the properties, and prepare for economic development inquiries.