Andrews Air Force Base Family Housing

Prince George's County, MD

As part of the effort to replace the military’s inventory of obsolete and inadequate housing with safe, comfortable homes for military families, Andrews Air Force Base hopes to rehabilitate existing units and provide new units, producing high-quality housing for military families. Bowman has provided engineering and surveying services for this design/build housing privatization contract that includes the demolition of approximately 850 houses, renovation of approximately 140 houses, and new construction of approximately 240 houses. Bowman prepared demolition plans for areas proposed for redevelopment of residential units, and in areas in which residences are being demolished to make room for future commercial and office uses. Preliminary engineering design plans were prepared which included layout and grading of roadways and housing units, utility design, and stormwater management approach with a focus on water quality in redevelopment areas. Technical review and quality control of final engineering documents were also provided. Scope of survey work included required topographic surveys, improvement surveys, and an ALTA/ACSM land title survey. A detailed tree survey was also provided that located and identified all trees on the site with a diameter of larger than six inches. Bowman’s team of arborists and environmental engineers prepared a tree inventory plan that identified the location, species name, and size of each surveyed tree. This project recently won the 2010 Project of the Year – Military from Multi-family Executive magazine.