Annual Services Traffic Signal Design

Palm Beach County, FL

Our team completed multiple tasks on a Continuing Service Traffic Signal Design Contract with the Palm Beach County Traffic Division. Assignments included a school zone LAP project and preparation of traffic signal installation plans for multiple county intersections.

The school zone project required design plans for school zone signs and flashers, as well as traffic signal installation plans. This LAP project required coordination with FDOT District Four, for the installation of school zone pavement markings and overhead sign equipment at nine school locations. Our team carried each project location through post-design.

Traffic signal plans were prepared for the intersection of W. Atlantic Avenue at Sims Road, in the City of Delray Beach. Our team coordinated with survey, geotechnical and SUE subconsultants, the County and the affected utility companies. The signal design included a new, complete three mast arm traffic signal, designed to current FDOT standards, with new pedestrian facilities for all three approaches of the three‐leg intersection, plus video detection and controller. The plans accounted for addition of a fourth leg at a future date. The plans also included curb, sidewalk, ADA ramps, milling & resurfacing, signing and pavement marking and fiber optic work.

Our team also prepared traffic signal design plans for the intersection of Lyons Road at Mizner Club Drive. This strain pole/span wire signal required a structural analysis, as well as subconsultant, County, and utility coordination. Our team carried the project through post-design.