Bathtub Beach Specific Purpose Survey

Martin County, FL

As part of an on-call contract with Martin County, Bowman performed a specific purpose survey at Bathtub Beach. Bowman’s survey crews set control points and performed multiple medium resolution scans with photos using internal drone photography. Crews faced challenges with obstructions from on-site construction equipment. Water also presented a challenge because its return is a void or a scattering of data points. Bowman was contracted to conduct additional surveys at Bathtub Beach utilizing the eBee Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) platform to document beach improvements. This survey resulted in high-resolution digital imagery, a 3-dimensional point cloud, ground contours and associated digital files. Bowman was granted an exemption from the FAA to commercially operate a UAS in the National Airspace and a special Certificate of Authorization to operate within a 5-mile radius of an airport.