Bedford Solar

Bedford, VA

This project area of 16.2 acres was apart of a 58-acre parcel, which made this a challenging site for a single-axis tracker. Our engineering team worked closely with the racking manufacturer and civil engineer to optimize the site for installation and system performance.

The layout takes advantage of the slight southern facing slope of the parcel, while varied east to west spacing and backtracking reduces inter-row shading on the rolling terrain. The site is surrounded on all sides by towering eighty foot pine trees. We used 3D modeling to capture the shadows cast upon the uneven terrain to ideally place the system within the site. The 1500V system design enabled longer DC runs and the ability to group inverters for electrical installation efficiency.

Our team provided the full electrical design (PV system, auxiliary power, medium voltage design) and the structural design (inverter group structures, equipment pads). We also served as the design project manager tasked with coordinating all contractors involved in the design phase, including civil, surveyor and equipment manufacturers.