Broadway Water Treatment Plant

Broadway, VA

Bowman provided major upgrades to the Town of Broadway’s Water Treatment Plant. The upgrades included the installation of a state of the art 1.8MGD Pall Corp. MF membrane treatment system in a new concrete filtration building, upgraded and automated chemical feed systems, a 100,000-gallon well storage tank, and a 350,000-gallon finished water clear well.

This project upgraded the existing 0.4 MGD conventional surface water treatment plant with the following improvements: upgrading the raw water feed pumps and adding VFD control, a new raw water feed pump discharge line, construction of a new 100,000-gallon well storage tank, well pump controls to provide a secondary source of water, construction of a new rapid mix basin and a third flocculation basin, new flocculation basin mixers, installation of plate settlers and sludge removal systems for the sedimentation basins, construction of a new 30″x 40″ precast concrete building to house the 1.8 MGD Membrane Filtration System, upgraded and automated chemical feed systems, the replacement of the MCC in the existing water treatment building with a new MCC in the new membrane building, the demolition and of the existing sand filters and the renovation of the space, the modification of the existing WTP Building to provide outside access to the chemical feed rooms, the construction of a new precast, post-tensioned concrete clear well and the replacement of the finished water vertical turbine pumps with higher capacity centrifugal pumps.