Canton Car Wash

Baltimore, MD

This project took a highly visible, dilapidated and underutilized piece of industrial real estate and transformed it into an attractive “green” commercial site offering premium automobile services to the community. The site was designed with the end-user in mind and facilitates efficient and friendly circulation patterns throughout. The project has received a warm welcome from the community and received the 2009 Baltimore’s Best Car Wash Award from the Baltimore City Paper. The 0.6-acre site, which is zoned M-3 Industrial, has a three-bay auto detailing building, a retail building with an upscale coffee bar, and a single car wash tunnel. To get this project from a paper concept to construction, the Bowman team provided surveying, land planning, and engineering services. The project required an analysis of both automobile and pedestrian circulation patterns within the site. Once circulation patterns were established, the team worked with the client to ensure that all designs were maintained through the engineering and Baltimore City approval process. The end result is a highly functional and profitable redevelopment project for Baltimore City.