Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Program

Various Locations, PA

Peoples Natural Gas committed to the PA Public Utility Commission to replace all remaining cast-iron mainlines (approximately 46 miles) in its distribution system in under a year’s time. Bowman was hired as a primary engineering consultant, and completed the design, engineering and permitting for 17 miles. The majority of the designs were in major metropolitan cities or urban areas, with significant construction conflicts of other underground utilities. The projects ranged in diameter from 3″ to 20″, and consisted of low pressure and medium pressure (up to 60 psig) pipelines. Included in the designs were the tie-in details, by-pass details, complete bill of materials, and service connections. One significant project was a cured-in-place lining process that involved the rehabilitation of a 1.2 mile 20″ pipeline segment. The cast iron replacement project was the year 1 plan for a 20-year long-term infrastructure replacement program to replace all cast iron, bare steel, and ineffectively coated steel pipelines.