Challenger Boulevard at Winkler Avenue Project

Fort Myers, FL

Since 2003, our firm has been a transportation consultant to the City of Fort Myers on multiple, consecutive contracts that have precipitated numerous design, planning, and traffic engineering projects. Our team has carried the Challenger Boulevard at Winkler Avenue project from study/conception to final design.

In response to citizen concerns, our team conducted a study of traffic operations and safety conditions at the intersection. The study included review of crash analysis, speed analysis and operational analysis with different traffic control measures. The study included an evaluation of alternate traffic control, a comparison of two-way stop, all-way stop, signalization and a roundabout. The study determined both signalization and roundabout control would improve safety and provide acceptable capacity. The study was completed in 2013.

The City decided to have a temporary traffic signal installed until funding was attained for the roundabout. Our team provided design construction plans for a four-legged span wire signal at the intersection. The design was completed in 2018 and installed by the City.

The City acquired LAP funding for the design of the recommended roundabout in late 2020. Our team prepared the design, construction plans and permitting of the roundabout. Our design included additions and revisions to sidewalk, as well as drainage design and analysis. The design and permitting was complete and accepted by FDOT in 2022. Extensive utility coordination was performed for the project. The city recently put the construction of the roundabout to bid; our team will provide post-design/construction services as needed.