Clearfork Emergency Access Bridge

Benbrook, TX

Our team was hired as a subconsultant to complete the design survey for the proposed City of Benbrook emergency access bridge across the Trinity River. We established control points and benchmarks at 500-ft intervals throughout the project site. Horizontal coordinates were obtained using GPS and vertical values were established by closed level loops from City of Fort Worth benchmarks. Our team researched current property owners and obtained copies of subdivision plats, ownership deeds, plats, right-of-way maps, and easements within the project limits.

Boundary and right-of-way monuments were recovered, and a property map was created. Topographic survey included pavement edges, curb and gutter, fences and walls, gates, sidewalks, faces of buildings, creeks, tops and toes of slopes, spot elevations, trees six inches and greater, surface locations of utilities and flowline elevations of sanitary and storm sewer manholes where accessible and other surface features. We performed cross-sections of the Trinity River within the project limits to determine grade of the existing slopes. Deliverables included CAD files in microstation format to client standards, copies of field notes and field sketches, and ASCII point files.

Our team also performed the survey of the Level “B” utilities that were marked by a private subsurface utility engineering firm. This includes surveying the locations of the marked utility lines and locations of all surface utility features (manholes, inlets, utility signs, etc.) within the project limits.