Erie Canal Channel Multibeam Bathymetric Survey

Erie Canal, NY

Our team provided multibeam bathymetric scanning services to collect high density survey data below the water line on the Erie Canal in support of the Canal Corporation’s Navigation Information Program.

Utilizing our combined multibeam LiDAR survey vessel, the team was deployed on an emergency effort to capture bathymetric survey data in reaches of the Erie Canal channel that were at risk of creating danger for mariners. Receiving word of the project on a Friday, we were able to plan and mobilize for the project in two days over the weekend, effectively collecting data on Monday morning. Over the course of four days, 35 miles of channel were surveyed producing a high density point cloud characterizing the conditions on the canal bottom.

Data was used to determine the type and nature of obstructions and detailed 3D images and maps of dredged areas were developed for as-built confirmation. Bathymetric charts were turned around in under 24 hours and posted to the web by the NYS Canal Corp, so that mariners would have the most up to date navigation information possible.