Explorer Pipeline Fauna Facility Upgrade

Houston, TX

The Fauna Facility Upgrade Project in Houston, Texas consisted of two phases, both of which centered on optimizing the tank to mainline flow. Phase I installed new piping from an existing surge relief system to the suction side of two existing mainline units. A new turbine meter, small volume prover and new piping were installed downstream of the two existing mainline units. Phase II included the installation of new tank lines from existing storage tanks to a new booster pump manifold, new below grade manifold system with future expansion connections, two new booster pumps and new below grade piping from the new booster pumps to the existing surge relief system. To accommodate the new pumps a power upgrade to the existing power system was required. A dual rated medium voltage transformer was added to supply a new building with a dual sided MCC with draw out breakers, VFDs for the booster pumps, and a remote control panel. A segregated cable tray system was designed to span the facility with the sites future upgrades driving the application.