Federal Aviation Administration, ATCT Life Safety Assessments

Eastern United States

At over 65 locations throughout the eastern United States, our team designed modifications to air traffic control towers’ (ATCT) fire and life safety systems in order to comply with new OSHA standards and FAA criteria. The major requirements of this task order included:

  • Site surveys to identify and assess the existence, condition, and performance of fire protection and life safety features.
  • Full testing and evaluation of the performance, function, and operation of the facilities’ fire protection systems and components.
  • Preparation of conceptual design submittals describing existing conditions, deficiencies, and recommendations (with associated code reference and engineering cost estimates) at each ATCT.
  • Provision of a detailed narrative describing the required upgrades, improvements, or modifications of architectural, mechanical, and fire protection features.
  • Development of construction documents for the proposed upgrades.
  • Construction oversight at seven sites, including shop submittal review, site installation review and construction certification.