Hanover Tysons

Tysons, VA

Bowman provided full-service engineering, environmental consulting, surveying and construction administration for a new seven-story residential building and structured parking deck in Tysons, VA. Bowman’s services included development of zoning entitlement plans, schematic through construction plan design, bid assistance and construction administration support. Specifically, our services included: site design, stormwater management design, recreational park design, streetscape design, utility design, full topographic survey, construction stake-out survey, easement and right-of-way dedication plat preparation, permitting assistance and construction oversight.

The project included substantial roadway and utility infrastructure improvements. The development proposed two new public roads, Sky Lark Lane (Street A) and Tecumseh Street (Street B), in accordance with the conceptual Tysons grid of streets. Realignment and undergrounding of an unnamed tributary of Scotts Run and associated minor floodplain were required to accommodate the proposed building footprint. A new, looped watermain and sanitary sewer main were designed within the proposed grid streets to serve the multi-family residential building and accommodate future development. Major upgrades and an extension to the electrical distribution and telecommunication systems were designed and permitted.

Additionally, a new recreational park consisting of a great lawn, trails, and amenities was designed immediately adjacent to the residential development. This involved significant coordination and consultation with the FCPA.