Harmony Grove Village South

San Diego, CA

Harmony Grove Village South is an 111-acre extension of the contiguous Harmony Grove Village. It offers a diverse mix of residential uses, a commercial/community center and institutional and open space uses. It is a model of sustainable development that thoughtfully works with the natural environment, protects community character and provides infrastructure and improvements that benefit not only project residents, but the entire Harmony Grove community.

Our landscape architects developed CAD designs for the 7 public parks provided within the project. The individual themed park sites ranged from dog parks and passive picnic areas with shade structures and open lawn to active use parks with basketball, horse shoes pitch and exercise stations. The park sites were linked together by a common recreational trail.

The project provides much needed housing while thoughtfully maintaining the rural character of the area. Multiple-unit product types are designed to appear as if they are single-family homes or repurposed agricultural buildings and over 30% of the project site is preserved within permanent open space. A western farm village architectural style is utilized to respect the predominantly single-family and agricultural character of the surrounding community. Community gardens have been incorporated to celebrate the area’s agricultural heritage. The project’s grading conforms to the natural landform to the extent feasible.