Hatfield Township – Cowpath & Orvilla

Hatfield Township, PA

Our team was retained by Hatfield Township for preliminary engineering and final design of this $3.9M project. The engineering and construction for the project was funded with CFA-DCED and PennDOT MTF funds and Township Act 209 Impact Fee funds.

The project involved the evaluation of the intersection of Cowpath Road (S.R. 0463) with Orvilla Road (S.R. 1004) which consisted of two offset, signalized T-intersections with the legs of Orvilla Road (S.R. 1004) located approximately 165 ft apart. The proposed intersection improvement included the realignment of approximately 725 ft of Orvilla Road North (S.R. 1004) to create a four-legged intersection with Cowpath Road (S.R. 0463) located directly opposite the Orvilla Road South (S.R. 1004) leg. The proposed lanes included a separate left-turn lane, a through lane, and a separate right-turn lane along the Orvilla Road North (S.R. 1004) approach to Cowpath Road and the restriping of the Orvilla Road South (S.R. 1004) approach to provide a separate left-turn lane and a shared through/right-turn lane.

Other improvements included modifying the existing drainage system, post-construction stormwater management facilities, new signal and sidewalks. Right-of-Way acquisition and utility relocations were included in this project as a result of intersection realignment. The project was approved through PennDOT’s Highway Occupancy Permit process and advertised for construction through PennBID.