Hinsdale 2015 Reconstruction Program

Hinsdale, IL

Bowman is responsible for preliminary and final design engineering services for the reconstruction or resurfacing of approximately 5,600 linear feet of concrete streets, the separation of approximately 2,500 linear feet of combined sewers, the replacement or lining of 1,600 linear feet of sanitary sewers, and the replacement or lining of approximately 2,200 linear feet of water mains. Sidewalk ramps and sidewalks will be replaced to meet IDOT and ADA standards or as directed by the Village. Detailed field surveys and geotechnical investigations are also provided. Additionally, Bowman is providing Phase III construction engineering services including coordination and conduct of the pre-bid, pre-construction meeting, and weekly construction meetings; providing a resident engineer for on-site observation, documentation of payable work and verification of the Contractor’s Record Drawings; serving as the Village’s liaison with the Contractor, public/private utilities, various jurisdictional agencies, and the general public; and quality assurance for materials testing as required by IDOT. Funding for this project is a combination of MFT and local funds.