I-290 to I-90/94 (Jane Byrne/Circle Interchange)

Chicago, IL

As a subconsultant, Bowman is providing construction management and inspection services for the I-290 EB Ramp to I-90/94 (NB) project. This $67.1 million project consists the construction of Ramp West to South (WS) (016-1715), Ramp West to North (WN)(016-1706), Ramp South to East (SE)(SN 016-1714), the Southbound Taylor Exit Ramp (SN 016-1718), Eastbound I-290 Exit Ramp to Taylor Street, and portions of Ramp East to South (ES) and the Westbound Congress Viaduct Bridge (SN 016-0461). The work also includes construction of retaining walls #14 (SN 016- 1803), #16 (SN 016-1805), #46 (SN 016-1833), #47 (SN 016-1834), #48 (SN 016-1835) as well as modifications to existing wall #12 (SN 016-2311).

Work includes bridge construction, retaining wall construction, roadway reconstruction, erosion control and protection, utility relocation of existing storm sewers, water tunnels, special waste excavation, earth excavation and embankment, removal of existing improvements, miscellaneous storm sewers, pavements, pavement marking and signage, roadway lighting, ITS, traffic control and protection, and urban enhancements.