Inman Square Intersection Safety Improvements

Cambridge, MA

Inman Square is a vibrant commercial and residential area with a roadway network that serves high volumes of people who walk, bike, ride transit, and drive. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, the team led the transportation analysis and design for the intersection safety improvements project. The design challenge was the existing unusual geometry of a severe skew of the primary intersection, high number of intersecting streets that cause safety and operational challenges for all users and maintaining emergency access to a fire station. The team developed solutions to address the size and complexity of the intersection, which was challenging for bicyclists and drivers, while pedestrians faced long delays waiting to safely cross.

The purpose of the project was to develop multimodal safety improvements by providing separated bicycle lanes, protected intersection treatments and improved pedestrian facilities. The improvement also included simplifying operations for all modes, designing bus stops, providing on-street parking and loading, and continuing to support the local, residential and business communities that define Inman Square.

The team led the project from initial visioning and alternatives development, to preliminary and final design plans, and assisting with bidding for construction for this high-profile, Vision Zero project. This project is currently in construction with the team providing construction phase services.

Read the project case study HERE.