Middleborough Downtown Improvements

Middleborough, MA

The team completed traffic counts, assessed signal warrant criteria, developed design plans for intersection layout, pavement design and resurfacing, drainage and watermain replacement, and construction documents for the proposed intersection improvements at two locations along Center Street. The first location, John Glass, Jr. Square, is the junction of Center Street, Everett Street, High Street, Station Street, and Center Avenue, and the second location is the intersection of Center Street and Oak Street.

The project was designed in accordance with MassDOT, AASHTO and MUTCD standards, to improve the horizontal and vertical geometric layout at the intersections, modify curb and sidewalk extensions to more clearly define the limits of parking, the path of each approach leg and the intended refuge for pedestrians and redesign 14 sidewalk curb ramps to meet requirements of ADA and AAB. Due to the relatively narrow right-of-way and the proximity of existing buildings to the roadway edge, design exceptions for bicycle accommodation were required and prepared.

Utility design included over 1,700 LF of watermain replacement and over 800 LF of two new drainage systems. Additional upgrades to the existing storm sewer systems and utility infrastructure were designed and coordinated with MassDOT District 5 and the Town of Middleborough.

In addition to the preparation of the construction plans and documents, the team provided construction bidding services and is currently providing construction administrative services.