Kirk Road Reconstruction and Utility Relocation

Palm Beach County, FL

Our team is currently preparing roadway design plans for the reconstruction of an 0.8-mile roadway segment on Kirk Road, from Summit Boulevard to Gun Club Road, in Unincorporated Palm Beach County. This Palm Beach County Roadway Production project will widen Kirk Road from two lanes to three lanes, with drainage designed for an ultimate five lane section. Tasks include design of cross sections, pavement design, drainage design, pavement marking plans, and traffic signal modifications. Efforts have included summary of quantities, utility coordination, permitting and contract documents.

Design services will also include 1) the replacement/relocation of an existing 12 inch diameter asbestos-cement water main located along Kirk Road, 2) the relocation of two existing fire hydrants, and 3) deflecting the water main and force main within the project limits to avoid conflicts with proposed improvements. Approximately 20 conflict locations have been identified and will require re-design to deflect the water main and force mains horizontally or vertically. In addition, several water and sanitary valves will be adjusted to match the proposed roadway elevation.